procedure pro‧ce‧dure [prəˈsiːdʒə ǁ -ər] noun
[countable, uncountable] the official or accepted way of doing something, especially something that is done often:

• We have hired an accounting firm to evaluate our audit procedures.

procedure for

• The bank must review its procedure for maintaining adequate loan-loss reserves.

• a lapse in procedure (= an occasion when the normal procedure is not followed )

• The police complaints procedure provides a formal mechanism for citizens to lodge complaints about instances of police misconduct.

— procedural adjective :

• The case was overturned on procedural grounds.

disˈpute proˌcedure also disputes procedure [countable]
HUMAN RESOURCES an official process that a company follows in order to find a satisfactory way of dealing with a serious disagreement between people within the company or between the company and its workers:

• The existing disputes procedure enables us to resolve most disputes internally.

ˌstandard ˈoperating proˌcedure abbreviation SOP [countable, uncountable] HUMAN RESOURCES
the official process that people in a company, organization etc should follow when doing a particular thing

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procedure UK US /prəʊˈsiːdʒər/ noun [C or U]
a set of actions which is the usual or official way of doing something: procedure for sth »

The company has introduced new procedures for dealing with customer complaints.

accepted/established/standard procedure »

Staff must follow correct procedure at all times.


normal/proper/usual procedure


appeals/complaints/emergency procedures


accounting/audit/control procedures


court/grievance/legal procedure


adopt/follow/review procedures

See also DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE(Cf. ↑disciplinary procedure), DISPUTE PROCEDURE(Cf. ↑dispute procedure), DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE(Cf. ↑disciplinary procedure), STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE(Cf. ↑standard operating procedure)

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